Be A Part of The Holistic Beauty Experience


Calling all online mavens and kind-hearted souls committed to changing the narrative of beauty and making holistic wellness more accessible, digestible and connective.
Let’s team up and spread the HBE membership love far and wide to create a beautiful community together focused on building a safe space for all members to be themselves, to make mistakes, to learn, ask and grow.

Join the Mission

1//  We want to create a new kind of beauty industry;
One that redefines the traditional narrative by celebrating our WHOLE beauty rather than focus on the physical.

2//  To make holistic wellness modalities more accessible;
creating an inclusive community that empowers a stronger sense of self + understanding of others.i


The cost of The Holistic Beauty Experience is $333

By partnering with us affiliates receive 40% commission
That's $133.20 per sale.

When you partner with The Holistic Beauty Experience, you get ...
to become part of a mission, a movement, something bigger than you and I, but absolutely cannot be built without you or I.


Knowing that by encouraging people to try out the membership you truly are giving them the opportunity to gain 
Self-awareness. Self-appreciation. Mutual respect for all.
This is what The Holistic Beauty Experience is all about. We believe that creating change at an individual level cultivates positive change at a global level - and that’s what we aim to inspire and encourage through what we do.


Because The Holistic Beauty Experience is giving the term “Beauty” a new narrative. One where judgement and vanity does not exist;

Empowering and inspiring self awareness bringing a bigger sense of gratitude, understanding and appreciation for yourself and others. Using our signature holistic beauty experiences as catalysts to nourish and cultivate true beauty.

Don't you want to help spread this message and encourage humans to feel more comfortable, accepted, and understood by themselevs and each other?
To inspire individuals to start with themselves by doing their own self work through our educational and empowering experiences.

We support you by..

Easy Peasey. Grab and Go. Copy + Paste + Post.
We got you covered to make this a no brainer so you can do what you do best - be your awesome self and share what you think is awesome about HBE, and make money.

Campaign Plan

We only open enrollment 2x per year. Which means there are only 2 launch campaigns and we got you covered! Easy calendar letting you know when and what to post about.. in your own beautiful voice and way of course ;)


Our goal is to make this super easy for our affiliates which is why we provide you with grab and go swipe copy for your emails and social media.


Banner ads, social media images, and more for you to pick and choose what resonates with you for your audience.

Please make sure to read our full terms and conditions, for a detailed explanation on partnering with us.

We want your experience as a HBE Affiliate Partner to be as easy and rewarding as possible. Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive. 

If you have more questions, reach out to us at – we’re more than happy to help.

What are you looking for in your affiliate partners for The Holistic Beauty Experience Membership?

We’re looking for affiliate partners who truly align with the HBE missions and believe in what we are trying to create. People who lead with kindness and resonate with the same values as we do at HBE: particularly, non judgement, genuine connection, and a willingness and openess to grow and understand others better.

Becoming a HBE affiliate partner is an incredible opportunity to serve your audience and add another revenue stream to your business. We invite you to apply if you’re 100% dedicated to launching your promotion with heart and creativity and creating compelling bonuses aligned with what you know your audience needs.
Our team reviews every application to make sure our intimate community of affiliates believes wholeheartedly in The Holistic Beauty Experience and what is stands for.

You do not have to have past affiliate marketing experience  — our vetting process is all about determining the alignment and your intentions behind promoting the membership.