Andrea Ashley

Business Coaching + Consulting


Andrea Ashley aims to change your experience of holistic beauty.
She wants to connect you with the TRUE meaning of holistic beauty: wellness, self-love and personal development.
Turn to the expert with years of training and education as well as a true heart for your wellness experience.
Andrea Ashley is more than a facilitator, she is an expert, a guide, a welcoming and inclusive host and a loving presence.
Your experience will be completely customized to what your mind, soul and body are craving at that time.
From skin care routines, soothing body and face treatments and inspiring personal development sessions, you will be treated to Andrea Ashley’s deep understanding of holistic beauty as a mind and body experience.
While many retreats focus on cosmetics and aesthetics and lean more towards the trendy, Andrea Ashley experiences are grounded in values such as non-judgment, connection and self-study.
We ask you to be ready to surrender and develop self-awareness in each and every one of our sessions.
The Andrea Ashley style is unlike any other, focusing on a mindful and restorative approach while being active and goal-oriented.
She believes in every persons infinite light and are dedicated to guiding them to the most self-loving and beautiful version of themselves, on the outside and most importantly on the inside.
She appreciate how special each and every one of you is and would love to share these experiences with you!