Course Summary

 Detoxification is all about cleansing ourselves of all that harms us, does not serve us and holds us back.  This doesn't just pertain to the physical body and some diet/cleanse trend.

This theme will be important both in spiritual and mindful ways as well as physical ways. The modules for this month will explore cleansing and detoxifying in both mental and physical modalities. We must clear our life, our minds and our bodies of all that is harmful and toxic.  

Join us at HBE for learning and growth in this area. We all could use to let go of a few things, we all could use to clear our minds or bodies of certain things.  The modalities we will explore will help us do just that, taught and lead by industry experts who have your wellness at heart.  

What areas of your life could use some cleansing? What do you need to purify or simplify in how you live?

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