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Samantha Summers


As a nurturer by nature, and after receiving some reiki sessions for myself in my adulthood, that had revealed to me the phenomenal benefits it had on my mind, body and soul, I carried a feeling thatI needed to give this enrichment to others to aide in their quality of life in all realms.
This was the beginning of my true awareness, for what else was able to be felt in this life.  

I had always had a "knowing" of the non-reality realm from a young age that I had suppressed. I had kept this between only myself and the ones I had encountered.  With age, messages along the way, and a whole lot of learning and experience, I realized that my intuition had always served me invariably.

To initiate using these abilities that are inside of all of us, I was called to and obtained my certification in the Japanese healing technique of Usui Ryoho Reiki: making me an accredited Reiki Master and Teacher and began serving my community within my private studio. My inclination from this change has since pushed passionately onward.  I have steadily workedon/with myself, and beautiful loving teachers through an array of divine modalities to further my openness and knowledge of wellness and spirituality as a whole.  Shamanic work & healing has been a great factor in all of this.  I have communicated with the plants and the foresight they have brought to my awareness, I listen to the elements and their natural expertisethat they speak to me, I have connected with that that is higher than myself; Great Spirit.

These have all allowed and supported me in diving deeper into myself; my traumas, my journey and my relation with spirit, the medicines around us, the Earth, and all of creation. Showing me that in order to persevere through these things, I must surrender and truly learn to trust the process.  I am grateful for all who have assisted me on my path and encourage those who feel anyurge at any time to reach out to someone to just go with that "gut"feeling.  It was this way that I found one of my dearest teachers and became a member of the Oklevueha Native American Church.

I have only been guided from here to share what I have been taught through this wisdom so others can feel the eudemonia that these practices and teachings can bring in order to heal.  With these come true personal wisdom that only you can transcribe yourself.  Whichever route you take to reach these profound teachings, I will hold space for you through my service and purpose, while offering support and guidance through anypersonal strife, transition, or triumph.

I look very much forward to welcoming new connections and continuing to bolster for the precious ones I currently have.  My intention is to bring you inner harmony and comfort by providing you the tools to add to your personal healing toolbox. Helping people help themselves to heal & grow.