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The Holistic Beauty Experience

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Why become part of The Holistic Beauty Experience?

The Holistic Beauty Experience is giving the term “Beauty” a new narrative. One where judgement and vanity does not exist;

Empowering and inspiring self awareness bringing a bigger sense of gratitude, understanding and appreciation for yourself and others. Using our signature holistic beauty experiences as catalysts to nourish and cultivate true beauty.

    • Offering an array of holistic beauty and wellness modalities removes the time investment and overwhelm of exploring and trying various solutions and practitioners. 
    • Makes exploring and integrating holistic beauty easy - no more information overload or confusing advice. Members get the in-depth guidance based on their needs and desires, regardless of where they are in their holistic journey.
    • Members have the opportunity to learn from various industry experts at a fraction of the cost of what it would be like to work with them on their own.

A deep self-awareness and mutual acceptance of others that creates a ripple effect of positive global change. This inner transformation creates balance and harmony within the individual as a starting point to a more balanced, open, and harmonious world.

"My goal is to empower, uplift, educate, inspire and support each beautiful being on their holistic journey - wherever they may be.

I am super pumped to have holistic professionals and
the holistic consumers under the same roof to build our very own Holistic Beauty Community TOGETHER. One cannot exist without the other.

Let's create something meaningful, beyond the superficial.

Let's create something with depth and honesty and a safe space for uncomfortable conversations.

Let's create our own definition of beauty."

Andrea Ashley
Founder, Curator - The Holistic Beauty Experience

This is for you if

  • Self-conscious about their so-called imperfections (social media amplifies this pressure)
  • Feeling pressure from media to adapt to unrealistic beauty standards
  • Overwhelmed and intimidated by all the wellness solutions and health/beauty products that are on the market (wary of marketing claims and empty promises)
  • Doesn’t have time to go out searching for solutions for their wellness woes - no idea what to look for!
  • Doesn’t have time to go out searching for solutions for their wellness woes - no idea what to look for!

 "The Holistic Beauty Experience was brilliant! I had a great time, learned so much about natural and holistic self care and met some incredible women. It renewed my belief in the fact that women can help each other love themselves and can support each other and lift each other up. I loved it

Valery Brosseau

 "I had a fantastic time at the Holistic Beauty Experience! I met so many amazing, positive and inspiring women, and I learned a lot from each and every one of them. Wish I could have stayed longer! Can't wait until the next one!! "

Jean Grey

Join the collective and let's create an amazing, supportive experience together

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